Monday, December 3, 2007

Not Until I Get My Kiss

When you're a mom you're not just on call but on deck 24/7. It's part of the job description until kids bloom some independence with the where withall to execute it properly. I'm not sure when that happens, sometime in their twenties??? Thirties???

That being said, sometimes I feel like I'm out of gas. Lately I've felt like more of a maid and my kids think I'm their personal assistant and chef. Most of the time I have a sense of humor about it, but I haven't really been able to recharge in a long time. Before you bring out the cheese (to go with my whine)...

Today started with the normal rush-and-a-push (not to swipe from that Smiths song) to get the kids ready for school on time. On our way to the bus, my daughter stayed back from the others so I walked with her. She opened up to me about school, social troubles and all that's bothering her. It was nice that she trusted me with something so personal, that she felt she could open up those parts of her life with me. As we turned the corner, the bus was pulling to a stop. My son was at the door, refusing to get on. "Not until I get my kiss!" he told the driver. With a hug and a kiss, they both boarded the bus.

Sometimes it's hard to know the impact we have on our children's lives, or how much they appreciate our love. And little do they know how such small things can refill a mommy gas tank.