Sunday, November 28, 2010

And the winner is...

Congratulations to Kristin (@dragondream)!  I'll be emailing you shortly!

edited:  I took out the random number generator because it didn't do what it was supposed to do, which was show the winning number.  Instead it just put up the generator without the pertinent information.  The winning number was 4. 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Spongebob & Scooby Doo Games Giveaway!

The holidays are coming, right?   Okay, I get it.  Nobody wants to hear that.  If you're like me, you're the one who stays home on Black Friday.  Because I hate lines, and crowds and fighting to get stuff.  I believe in the internet and it's ability to have merchandise magically arrive at my doorstep. 

The good people at Pressman Games have given me the opportunity once again to have my lab rats...uhh I mean children, test out some new games for me and get some feedback.  They are also offering one of each game to lucky winners! 

The first game we've visited before, but this time in a new form:  Spongebob Squarepants Mastermind Towers.  I wrote a review for this game here, the only difference is that it's Spongebob characters on the tiles instead of animals.  This, of course, thrills my kids immensely.  Little Man is a HUGE Spongebob fan, and I don't have to listen to Spongebob's annoying laugh ad nauseum.  Because while I'm much more tolerant of Spongebob than some parents (I actually love the show), we all have our limits.  This game is great if you have a younger child with older siblings.  Little T is easily able to get her siblings to play this game with her over and over again!

Hold On, Scooby Doo! is the next game.  My kids didn't really get into Shaggy and Scoob on TV, but this game was a hit.  There are plastic blocks that form a wall, with a Shaggy and Scooby plastic figurine in their classic terrified pose sitting precariously on top.  Each player has a ghost 'hand' that they use to poke pieces out.  The object is to not be the person who makes Shaggy and Scooby fall to the depths of your floor, table, box of Scooby Snacks, or what have you. 

Kudos to Pressman for creating games that don't require batteries.  YAY!  My kids found Shaggy and Scooby to be amusing and had a lot of fun making them fall as well as not.  But since two of my children lean towards hyperactivity and impulsivity, this is game that really helps them.  It forces them to stop, think, and proceed with care.  They get all excited when they realize they're still 'winning', but when it's their turn they find they have to poke the blocks out gently. Even when having to rebuild the wall after a round, they can't just pile them on, but carefully stack them on top of each other in the proper place (which is clearly identified).   This would also help with fine motor skills.  The blocks are bright orange, so finding them isn't too hard.  Unless your decor is hunter safety orange or something.  They're large enough for smaller hands, but not for the toddler set.  And so far (knock on wood) they haven't lost a single piece, which is saying something because I pick up scattered toys all the time.

Pressman is once again offering one of each game to give away.  If you'd like to enter, here are the various ways you can!  (Each in a separate comment please)  Good luck!
  1. Mandatory:  Tell me which game you're interested in and why.  Because it amuses me.  And it's okay to say 'Because I love Spongebob' or 'I always thought Shaggy was hot!'   Please make sure I can contact you via email.  My carrier pigeon hasn't been feeling well. 
  2. Follow my blog via Google Friend Connect.
  3. Follow me on Twitter @amygdalarevenge
  4. Tweet about my giveaway once a day for an extra entry.
This contest will run from today until November 27th.  I'll announce the winners here on Sunday the 28th.   I will email the winners, who will have until Tuesday before midnight to get back to me with the appropriate information.  Pressman gave me both of these games to review.  I'm not expected to return them, but give my honest review!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Truck Stop

Tailights flickerin', as he pulled up to a truckstop
The same old crowd was hangin' out again tonight
He said, "Fill up my tank while I go check my load
It feels like it's shifting all around"

He was the kind of man, do all he could
Above all he had integrity
But he was so young
And on a ten city run
In love with a truck stop girl

As he went inside, he was merrily greeted
By the girl with whom he was in love
She held out a glass and said, "Have another
This is the last time we can meet"

With her hair piled up high and a look in her eye
That would turn any good man's blood to wine
All his eyes could see, well all his eyes could see
Was the stare from all those around him

He ran out to the lot, and climbed into his rig
And drove off without tightening down
It was a terrilble thing, to see what remained
Of the rig that poor Danny was in

-"Truck Stop Girl" written by Lowell George & Bill Payne
This week my husband has been gone on a business trip.  Before he left, he joked about girls in truck stops.   Somehow this was supposed to evoke jealousy.  I don't think he expected the 'eeewww' look I shot back, which clearly said, "If you go there I am NEVER touching you again." 

He was baffled.

In his 40 years on this earth perhaps he had tunnel vision set on the direct path to the bathrooms, or maybe he was blinded by the allure of the snack aisle to actually stop and LOOK at what truck stops are really like.  Most of the time it's people milling in and out then going on their way.  But the ones that hang out there?  Voluntarily?

Maybe it's the male romanticism attached to it that was rightfully left in the late 70s. 

As my husband drove home last night, his eyes were opened.  He was approached by a 'truck stop girl' asking him if he was interested in a 'good time'.

"No thank you, my hands are cleaner."

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wild Recipes

Warning:  If you're pregnant or otherwise have a sensitive stomach, you may want to skip this one.

Today I found this site called Wild Recipes.  It's full of gross stuff that people supposedly eat.   It's chock full of submissions of recipes to make this stuff, if you desire having your stomach pumped. And yeah, there's an app for that too.  So, say you're in your kitchen and have a burning craving for head cheese...BUT you forgot how to make it.  Just whip out your iPhone and voila!  Instant recipe! 

Perhaps you're the guy that goes to the convenience store and heads to the fountain sodas in the back.  You grab the largest cup, throw in some ice, then randomly squirt various amounts of each flavor into it.  I actually know a guy who does this.  He calls it 'Around the World'.  But even if you bore of that, this site has a myriad of new drinks too!  Like 'Peanut Butter and Coffee', or 'Coca Cola and Orange Juice'. 

Kids tired of the same old PB&J?  Spice up their lunch bags on this site!  Peanut butter and dill pickles anyone?  PB and mayo?  PB and tuna?  PB and bologna?

Numerous bugs also made the list.  So if you're starving out in the woods, your iPhone can come to the rescue while you wait to be rescued!

I've never thought of myself as a picky eater, but after reading this site, I may be proud to be one.