Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Meet Justice. At just 10 weeks old, he's a ball of cuteness, energy and trouble. When we went to look at the entire litter, this little guy was a standout. He was alert, curious and playful. The owner was trying to help by removing any of the pups that weren't on my short-list. So while he was picking up the others to bring back to their pen, Justice stood at attention and watched. As soon as his back was turned Justice flipped around and aimed for some packaging that contained food. This guy's a thinker, I thought and that sealed the deal.

He was really great in the car. Divine held him in the backseat with a pad covering her lap while I drove to pick hubby up from work. It was working well until he got car sick on her arm. I have to say Divine was wonderful about it. Despite the stench emanating from the backseat, she remained calm, petting him saying "it's alright,'s okay..." while the cold wind blew through the car to air it out. Thank goodness for pet stores! We ducked inside so she could wash off the best she could. The kids thoroughly enjoyed parading their new puppy around the store, lapping up all the oohs and aahs from passers by. Since we had planned on getting a puppy we had all the necessary supplies, but couldn't resist getting a few toys for him.

Hubby was very happy with my choice. My cats weren't nearly as thrilled, hissing and running off as soon as we came into the house. LOL!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

2010 Snowstorm

So the 2nd snowstorm in a week's time is finally over. The cleanup is just beginning! I thought I'd share some of the pictures.

To get an idea of how much snow we got, here is a shot of my picnic table. The left side represents how much we have total from both storms, the right is how much we got with this storm alone:

This picture is a measurement of how high the snow pile is left by the plows. It's actually a bit higher than this, but I had trouble stuffing the tape measure down into the snow.

This picture is the best estimate of how much we really got...22 1/2 inches!

After I uploaded these I took a few more which I can share later. I'm just thankful we didn't lose power this round, which is what happened last week! The kids can't wait to get out and play in it!