Thursday, November 11, 2010

Truck Stop

Tailights flickerin', as he pulled up to a truckstop
The same old crowd was hangin' out again tonight
He said, "Fill up my tank while I go check my load
It feels like it's shifting all around"

He was the kind of man, do all he could
Above all he had integrity
But he was so young
And on a ten city run
In love with a truck stop girl

As he went inside, he was merrily greeted
By the girl with whom he was in love
She held out a glass and said, "Have another
This is the last time we can meet"

With her hair piled up high and a look in her eye
That would turn any good man's blood to wine
All his eyes could see, well all his eyes could see
Was the stare from all those around him

He ran out to the lot, and climbed into his rig
And drove off without tightening down
It was a terrilble thing, to see what remained
Of the rig that poor Danny was in

-"Truck Stop Girl" written by Lowell George & Bill Payne
This week my husband has been gone on a business trip.  Before he left, he joked about girls in truck stops.   Somehow this was supposed to evoke jealousy.  I don't think he expected the 'eeewww' look I shot back, which clearly said, "If you go there I am NEVER touching you again." 

He was baffled.

In his 40 years on this earth perhaps he had tunnel vision set on the direct path to the bathrooms, or maybe he was blinded by the allure of the snack aisle to actually stop and LOOK at what truck stops are really like.  Most of the time it's people milling in and out then going on their way.  But the ones that hang out there?  Voluntarily?

Maybe it's the male romanticism attached to it that was rightfully left in the late 70s. 

As my husband drove home last night, his eyes were opened.  He was approached by a 'truck stop girl' asking him if he was interested in a 'good time'.

"No thank you, my hands are cleaner."


Kristin said...

Bwahahahahahaha...too funny!

Kakunaa said...

LOL. I never noticed any truck stop girls! I am fascinated now.