Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sharp Flats (Shoes!)

Okay, I hope you can excuse that groaner of a musical pun.

I got an email from the BlogHer people the other day about the upcoming conference. They were discussing shoes, and how we should save the pumps for the parties but pack flats for the day. That got me thinking. As many cute heels as there are out there, I can't wear them. I have a congenital condition that prohibits it. That's never been a problem, because I've never been a shoe freak to start with. Give me a pair of Nikes and I'll beat them to death. Then there's 'the old standby', you know... those obligatory pairs of white, tan, black or blue plain flats that get the job done when you have to dress up for something and sneakers just won't cut it.

But damn it, this is BlogHer. I'm signed up for a few parties and I wanna look nice! Not in school marm fashion neither. My big dang feet wanna party in a cute pair of shoes! So I'm combing the internet for flats with attitude. Something fun and party-worthy. I found a site called with an article on flats. I'm still looking for that pair that screams 'me' and 'I gotta have it' in the same sentence. So, I'm calling all of you shoe-freaks out there...what are your fave sites? Suggestions?

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