Monday, July 27, 2009

Do You or Would You Self-Censor?

How do you feel about people you personally know reading your blog? Like your family or people in your community, that you see and talk to on a regular basis? If you knew they read your blog, would that change how you write? Would you or do you self-censor?

The anonymity of the internet and blogosphere allows for free expression, and I wonder if part of the 'free' expression of ideas derive from that. I'm not talking about language, per se...but rather would you feel free to fully state your opinions?

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Jen said...

hey, just figured out it was you. duh.
I self sensor. jeez, my FIL reads it, my OB's wife (or would that be GYN since I'm done with the baby factory?) My step mom, my mom, my sister...ugh, do I need to go on? I'm thinking I seriously need to start another one and put it private or at the very least annonomous. I've got lots of bitchy to do and no where to do it.