Wednesday, July 1, 2009


When I was a kid, I loved Richard Scarry books. In Cars and Trucks and Things That Go, one of the challenges in the book was to find Goldbug on each page. Usually he's tucked away in the corner of a window in one of the vehicles on the page. The little guy in the picture is indeed a GOLD BUG...he didn't seem real! So I touched him lightly and he flew on my porch. That's as close as I could get without compromising clarity, even after cropping the picture. They are actually called the Golden Tortoise Beetle, and like to eat the leaves of the Morning Glories. That explains it, since I have a bunch of them. Very cool!


Kristin said...

Holy shit...3 posts in 4 days...very cool bug!

Beautiful Mess said...

LOL @ Kristin's comment!
That bug is so pretty! I've never seen on in real life. Then again, I don't have any morning glories, either...