Monday, July 12, 2010

Awesome Week Ahead!!

For the first time since Divine's birth (she's my first), ALL of my children will be away, regularly, for an ENTIRE 5 DAYS. They're going to a summer day camp! Maybe I should explain why this is so thrilling, other than the obvious...

This little blog is what it is...the confessions of a clutter queen. There's a ton of it in my wee house and it drives me crazy. With 3 kids here all the time (literally), there isn't much breathing room or time to keep after it. I told myself that last September would be my opportunity to finally get this place under control. Little T (my youngest) would enter Kindergarten. But then IT happened. My infamous run-in with the local school that caused me to pull all of my children out and enroll them in cyber-school. While cyber-schooling has done wonders for my children educationally, the house fell into complete disarray. No exaggeration. So while my kids are completely stoked to go to camp, they're quaking in their flip flops because mommy is going through their rooms this week. Well, my daughters anyway. As soon as they came home my girls bolted to their rooms:

Divine: "MOM! Where are my companions?!?!?!?!?! Where is Sweetie's locker?!?! WHY DID YOU MOVE MY STUFF???!!!???"

Me: "I have no idea what you're talking about, and I moved your stuff because the dust bunnies are plotting a hostile takeover. I destroyed their fortress they made from the toys you left on the floor."

Little T: "MOM! Where is B-100????"

Me: "Who?"

Little T: "You KNOW, B-100!"

I really have no clue 'who' they're talking about. They give their animals names, then use it as an excuse to throw a toy grenade on their floor. It explodes in all of those tiny parts that frustrate you on holidays because you have to unravel each piece from the twist ties in the packaging. Of course there's already a drawer in place for these items. There always has been. Did they look there? Or under their beds and furniture where they cram stuff and think I don't know? Nah, it's just easier to yell MOM!

Meanwhile, Little Man comes in the house and walks directly to the video game console. He's completely unconcerned.

Little Man: "Mom, can I have a snack? I'm hungry."

The funny thing is that I really didn't spend much time in their rooms at all. I collected the stray clothes they didn't manage to put in the basket so I could finish the laundry. Maybe that was enough to disturb the delicate balance (or eco-system) of my girls' room. Tomorrow is the day I actually enact my assault on their rooms. I'm planning my arsenal as we speak, because there is concern over what the dust bunnies could do with all of the lost Legos on Little Man's floor. But today a smile plays on my lips because the kids were truly entertaining, and I didn't even do anything yet!


Kakunaa said...

??? What's awesome???

rys said...

I hit the enter key too fast and it posted before I barely started it. LOL!

Kakunaa said...

LOL. I get the impression you are a little sadistic :) And I like it....torture of children....oh, how I remember my room being cleaned for me....I think I said many of those very same words, and I can't wait to do it to my kids. *laughs an evil laugh*

compbasher said...

I know how it feels, I suffer from depression too. I'm still a young guy in my late 20's but suffered a lot of mental and physical abuse from my parents growing up which accounts for a lot of my condition. The worst part about it for me is that I will have good times and bad times but I don't realize the severity of things til it gets really bad. Thankfully I have a close friend who roots for me even when I lay in bed for days and don't contact anyone for awhile. I find daily exercise is an excellent way of staving off depression in my case. I'm just coming out of a year-ish long depression bout. I made some goals like running a marathon next year and such to keep myself motivated. I dunno if you've tried any of those things but just know you're not alone and finding a place to vent or talk about things helps. (also exercising!)