Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

This year my kids decided they were old enough to ring in the new midnight.  I'm waiting for the crankies to set in, but they are convinced they should stay up out of sheer determination.  It's T's first New Year's celebration and she's already thrown up her drink...of water.  Her New Year's snack is Pepto Bismol.
Today they decided to try their hand at creating lyrics.  They found a tune on one of their video games and created and started singing. 

"It's complicated, Global Warming...
"It's something big...very confusing"

Those were the only lyrics, sung over and over again.  The precious part?  The tune they were singing to was called 'Cold Wind'.

Ah yes...since it's the time to write out those resolutions, this might be a good time for it:
  1. So obviously my first New Year's resolution is to teach my kids to write lyrics about things they understand.
  2. After two years, I'll finish stitching Tree of Life.  I'm motivated because there's another piece I wanted to start but promised myself I wouldn't until I finished this one.
  3. I'll pay more attention to the Clutter Queen.  I've always wanted to spruce this little piece of online real estate...improve the design to something that's more 'me'.  And certainly something more interesting.  I'm striving for more time to actually write; because while the desire is there, the time usually isn't. 
Wishing all of you a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year.  May 2011 be easy to remember on your checks...because I always forget and write the previous year until like June...and then little scribbles on them crossing it out.  Tipping my glass to you all!


Kristin said...

Happy New Year my dear friend!

Kakunaa said...

Happy New Year dear!