Saturday, January 15, 2011

Steeler Nation

Divine and Little Man's cooking class wraps up this week, so I spent the day helping them make all the recipes they hadn't yet.  Then taking pictures to record it.  Helped Divine complete her final project, which is to make an entire meal with recipes from the class.  She did a great job, but the piles of dishes loomed high after dinner. 

Truth be told, we'd made 6 recipes for the class.  I was dead tired. 

For those who don't follow sports, it's NFL football playoffs.  We're a Steeler house, which means my husband and Little Man were glued to the TV.  After I'd finished the mountain of dishes strewn about my kitchen, I flopped into my chair in the living room.  As is par for the course, Little T runs in seconds after my ass hits the cushion.

"Mom, can we have dessert?"

I told her to give me a few minutes.  Steelers score a touchdown.  A few plays later, they score again.  Tie game. Awesome.

My husband pops up to get dessert for the kids.  I get up to help him and he booms,


He must've noted the confused look on my face.

"DON'T MOVE!!  I'll get the kids dessert."

He's all emphatic about it too, pointing to my chair with authority and all that.  Wow, it's nice to have someone step in to help out after you've had a hard day!  Insisting I take a break?  Cool!  I know how much watching the Steelers in a playoff game means to him, so this must say a lot about how much he cares about me, right?

"The Steelers have been playing like shit the entire first half of the game.  You sit down and they start winning.  YOU CAN'T MOVE UNTIL THE GAME IS OVER!!!" (Arms waving, pointing to chair, arms waving some more.)

You take it where you can get it, right?  The Steelers won too.  Maybe I'll start bargaining for what I can get out of next week's game.


Kristin said...

Run with it. Milk it for all you are worth!

Kakunaa said...

LAMO yup, take it where you can get it.