Monday, August 9, 2010

Good Morning Sunshine!

I came home last night from BlogHer '10. We met a sea of incredible bloggers; I came home with a stack of business cards from them! Some have requested that I don't put photos of them online, therefore I will respect their privacy and requests. There is LOTS to talk about, but this is more of a light post from the perspective of what my kids were dying to know about BlogHer.

Divine, Little Man & T were thrilled to see me and hear all about NYC adventures. They were thrilled to see the pics as I shamelessly name dropped who I got to meet. First up of course, is The Sun from the Jimmy Dean commercials. After the sun rose, we had breakfast.

Bruce Jenner was representing Tropicana. Admittedly the only person who was mildly impressed was Little T, because she drinks orange juice everyday. So I had to explain that he was an Olympic track & field star, because my children are blissfully ignorant of the Kardashians and I didn't want to have to get into that. They understand the Olympics.

After breakfast we watched some morning TV.

Who can resist Elmo? Well, T is partial to Dora...

Then it was time for lunch.You're darn right that's me pressing his belly! Then we decided on some video games:

They also had a stage set up for people to play Just Dance. I applaud anyone who had the cojones to get up there and shake it. When I dance it looks like a marionette with somebody else yanking on the strings, which Kristin forced me to display at one of the parties we attended in the evening. Speaking of parties, my kids were MOST jealous of CheeseburgHer, because it's in their wildest dreams to be in a party filled with tables of McDs food. I assured them that I did my best in the paper hat contest (making the best hat possible from a McD's bag), because that's like a week's worth of happy meals paid for.
The swag item my kids were most impressed by? Play-Doh perfume. They're a strange bunch.


Kakunaa said...

Everything you wrote and I am stuck on playdough perfume....really???

Kristin said...

My kids are totally weirded out by the Play Do perfume...guess that's the diff between boys and girls.