Monday, August 30, 2010


This has been 'that' year, the one where you have to have the 'talk' with your first child. It's always a crapshoot as to how your child will react to the discussion of puberty. Since Divine is our first, I took on that responsibility.

I combed through books on the subject, looking for one that struck the right note. The right note meaning that becoming a woman was something to celebrate, not something to dread or feel weird about. After we talked, I presented her with the book so she would have her own resource, to cover anything I might miss or she could review on her own terms. She loved the book, and I reminded her that she could always come to me with questions or concerns, and she has. I'm very proud of her, and is very excited by the prospect of growing up.

Yesterday we went shopping, and Divine asked me to buy her first bra. I remember shopping for my first bra (what girl doesn't?)...I HATED it. I remember being completely embarrassed, although in retrospect I had nothing to be so self conscious about. Here Divine was ASKING, even though her little sister was with us. She made a beeline to the intimates section and held a fuschia D cup to her chest. "Whaddaya think, Mommy?" Little T grabbed a giraffe print (YES, freaking GIRAFFE PRINT) from the rack. "What about this one???" As I attempted to corral them into the grow-bra section, Hubby and Little Man came by to see how we're doing. (Could this get any worse? Oh, you bet it can!) Little Man son snags a lacy white bra, puts one of the cups on his head and tells Hubby "Look Dad, I'm Amish!" "So who's the other one for?" "My evil twin!" Little Man cracks himself up holding over the cart. My kids know no shame.

We eventually find the section that caters to younger girls. Divine is delighted with the cute prints and selects one with peace signs on it. Little T begs me for one too, even though she's far from ready, with little stars on it. Today they donned them proudly, showing off their 'boobers' (umm...padding).


Kakunaa said...

While it must be bittersweet to see them growing into young women, that really is an adorable story. Apparently when I got my first one, I was to embarassed to be seen in it, but ran thru the living room naked instead, LOL. Then my grandmother made fun of me for the bra. That thing stayed hidden long after.

Can you say, "are you ther god? It's me, margaret"?

rys said...

"I must! I must!I must increase my bust!" Oh yeah, I remember that book very well...ROFL! At the Sparklecorn party at Blogher, they gave away shirts that read: "Judy Blume did not prepare me for this." How appropriate! Little T is only 6, but she longs to be like her older sister. LOL

Kristin said...

That is far better than my shopping for my first bra story. I got a great laugh from this.