Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My bags are packed!

I leave in the morning for Blogher! I can't tell you how excited I am; the idea of spending a few days away is SWEET! If you're going, I'll be the one hobbling around. I sprained my ankle the other day AGAIN. Yes, again. Like the 15th time in 5 years. This time wasn't as bad as others, so I'm pretty thankful. It's still a bit stiff, and to tell you the truth I'm not looking forward the extensive walking in NYC. But I've brought some meds to cope with that, and it's obviously not stopping me!

Little T isn't taking the news too well that Mommy is going away for a few days. She's been mopey now that it's drawing near. Divine just says "Mom, bring me swag." In typical boy fashion, Little Man hasn't said a word. As long as he isn't separated from his Wii, all is right in his world. Besides, this isn't the first time I've gone away for a few days, despite Little T's reaction.

I'll be posting pics as I can!


Kakunaa said...

Have fun, you lucky lady! Be safe on that ankle.

Kristin said...

Can't wait to see you sweetie.