Friday, August 20, 2010

Roughing It

Divine left for camp this morning. She'll be going to a Girl Scout camp with platform tents and hopefully flush toilets. Last year their version of the girls 'showering' was dousing them with dish soap and sending them down the slip n' slide a few times. It was one of Divine's favorite things about it last year; I just made a mental note to have her take a real shower when she gets home.

The past two days were spent scrambling to find all the stuff people only use when going to camp, like mess kits, dunk bags, and bug spray. We had to find another flashlight when we realized that if Divine accidentally dropped Hubby's mag-lite, someone might get their toes crushed. Anyway, the camp had a list of things the girls should and should not bring. Everything on the NOT list were all things Divine was sure she needed. Like a cell phone. Because despite her ferocious independence, she needs mommy and daddy to say goodnight or her day is not complete. And her fashion sense certainly didn't allow her to wear t-shirts, she needed the tank tops that were in the 'no' column. Any why can't she wear her pretty sandals instead of boring sneakers?!?! SOCKS?!?! And why only ONE stuffed animal?!?! I assured her that it was only three days, and she would survive.

After all of the appropriate items were packed, we brought her bag by the door as to be ready. Something told me to check it last night. Divine had an ARMY of stuffed animals, toys, her iPod, and various other items from the 'no' list. We just took them out and decided not to say anything. Then we locked the bags in the car.

This morning at the drop off, one of the other mothers, a friend of ours, asked if Divine had grown a tail. Sure enough, she attempted to hide yet another stuffed animal in her skort.

Maybe my little girl will never be the kind who will enjoy 'roughing it'.


Kakunaa said...

LOL. I worked at a Science Camp. On day 1 we had to do a "contraband" search. We got loads of candy and snacks :)

Kristin said...

Bwahahahaha...she is a funny girl.