Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Getting Laid

Two weeks ago my husband was laid off from his job.  We don't look at it as a bad thing, because his boss is a putz and we look at it as an opportunity to seek employment elsewhere.  It simply needs to be managed.  That being said, explaining this to the kids was a whole other matter.  They are at an age where any deviation from the norm is a cataclysmic event.  And let's face it, it'll be fairly obvious when they see Daddy home more often.  They immediately freaked out, like we're going to be on the street tomorrow.  We spent a great deal of time explaining that we just need to be careful about how we spend money.    In other words, don't ask me for stuff.

Apparently though, the kids still think there is a giant crisis.  For the past year my husband has been back in school.  His student advisor calls him occasionally to see how things are going, and last time Divine picked up the phone.  "You've gotta help my Daddy!  He just got laid!!!"

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Kristin said...

Bwahahahahaha...that is funny!