Tuesday, October 5, 2010

St. Elsewhere...as in NOT HERE.

My computer needs a lobotomy, AGAIN.  We spent the week attempting to breath more life in it to no avail.  So yesterday I trucked it back to the computer hospital.  After already installing a new motherboard, now it needs a new hard drive.  While it's undergoing surgical intervention and probably a few hits from a defibrillator, I've been patiently waiting my turn for use of another computer.  Which in this house means practically all day, cutting online time really short.  With any luck, I should have it back tomorrow.   And of course, barring anymore fatal errors.  The next one may put it down for the count.


Kristin said...

Damn Rys...that really sucks!

Kakunaa said...

This has been my life for MONTHS! I am so sorry hun.